Slre Foundation Activites to be done during the Survey:

  1. To identify the skilled man-power available with us who can voluntarily assist us.
  2. Communities and native people involved in preparing indigenous handicrafts.
  3. What is the status of these handicrafts? Are they rare? Are people still making it? Are younger people involved in this kind of work or they are moving out of the place in search of employment?
  4. Apart from handicrafts what else is made locally? Edible items, clothes, medicines?
  5. Scope of extraction of medicinal plants for pharmaceutical companies?
  6. If the people are engaged in agriculture in the area, why not to support them to grow medicinal plants? Tie-ups between pharmaceutical companies and these farmers who can give medicinal plants to the companies?
  7. Scope for conservation activities like planting indigenous tree saplings in the area to increase green cover in the area.

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