Alternative Livelihood

Uttarakhand’s economy is heavily dependent on tourism. The recent floods have heavily marred the tourism industry in the State. There was already a heavy migration of the young population from the hill state to the plains and after these floods the frequency will definitely increase. The need of the hour is to provide them an alternative source of livelihood.

The villages of Guptkashi are one of the worst affected areas during the floods. Once the the residents of the villages will resume their normal routine life the immediate challenge would be to generate work for their own livelihood. In search of the work the migration of young people from these areas may increase into manifolds. To avoid this situation the SLRE Foundation intends to initiate a long term project on preservation and protection of cultural and biological diversity and to explore the means of livelihood for native communities and the local people of Guptkashi.

The native communities and local people of the area will be encouraged to generate their own works which have become redundant over the years. These work will include manufacturing of handicrafts, weaving, agricultural/farm based activities and promotion of animal husbandry. SLRE Foundation will facilitate the activities and provide a platform from where the local community and generate their own income.

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