Compliance Cell

Compliance cell for Supreme Court orders on wildlife and forest (CCC)

In the past two decades Supreme Court has played a significant role in efforts on forest and wildlife conservation. There have been numerous favorable orders and judgments passed in support of wildlife conservation. It has been observed that these order and judgments are being not applied in full letter and spirit on the ground as a result the efforts made in the Supreme Court and other higher courts goes in vain. It is very important that the orders passed in favour of wildlife has to be made operational and must be implemented on the ground. It has to be executive agencies which implement the court’s directives.
In view of this a cell has been established by SLRE Foundation which will act as a watchdog and maintain record with respect to the compliance of Supreme Court orders on forest and wildlife.


  1. Collection of all the statutes, notifications, rules, guidelines on wildlife and forest protection.
  2. (a) Central level
    (b) State level
  3. Collection of all the relevant judgments and orders on wildlife and forest till date.
  4. Tracking of the compliance of the various orders of Supreme Court and various High Courts on forest and wildlife through:
  5. (a) filing RTIs before relevant departments.
    (b) collecting news clippings related to non-compliance of the orders.
    (c) Field visits
  6. Analysis of the compliance status of the orders of Supreme Court and High Courts on wildlife and forest at the field level.
    1. A website for information dissemination.
    2. Bi-annual reports on the compliance status of the orders and judgments of Supreme Court and High Courts.

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