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Hotel Kailash Residency

The Kailash Resort in collaboration of Socio Legal Research and Education Foundation, a non-government organization, intends to initiate a long term project on preservation and protection of cultural and biological diversity and to explore the means of livelihood for native communities and the local people of Guptkashi Guptkashi is located in the Northern Himalayan belt within the Madakani river valley. The area is bestowed with huge tracts of inhabited forests and supports a wide variety of wildlife. The area is a thoroughfare to the way to Kedarnath, a famous pilgrim place according to the Hindu Mythology. A field survey of four days to Guptkashi is planned to access the feasibility of the projects to be carried out.

Marsi Art & Culture Foundation

With the "Signature of Diversity" group art show we are here in the National Capital. Though a group art show like this one is just another event in the life of a vibrant, culture conscious and lively metropolis like Delhi. But “Signature of Diversity” is just not another group art show. The character of an art show is shaped by the participating artists and that’s where this art show is different from any other group art show. Coming from different parts of this country, their diverse thoughts, diverse ways of expression and diverse philosophies find manifestations in their art works.

What separates these artists from others is their dedication towards art amidst the ever-growing influence and strength of the market which have been dictating terms to the art world. Having been into the field for years, these artists have made immense contribution to the world of art in this country. They have shown that despite keeping oneself away from the temptation of the market and commercial art galleries, one can remain creative. Instead of succumbing to the trend prevailing in the art market, these artists have been keeping the torch of creativity aflame. This is in itself a rare achievement. In a world of ever-changing morality and social mores, only time will tell how much these artists will be able to impress the art world with their simple, effective and aesthetic ways of expressing their thoughts on the canvases.

Now a few words about “Marsi Art & Culture”. There are many institutions active in the field of promoting art and culture. But the pressure of making profit and keeping themselves afloat act so much on their mind that they cannot think of branching out into smaller town, and this confines them only to the big cities. Thus artists of small towns are kept away from these art galleries who have wider reach to market. That’s where Marsi Art & Culture have stepped in to make a difference. We at Marsi Art & Culture are here to provide a platform to those artists so that they can share their creativity with the rest of the world. Participants like Madan P Gupta, Anil Kumar Sinha, Manoj Kumar Bachchan, BK Gupta, CR Hembram, Ranjit Kumar, BK Jain and Malvika Raj are among those artists who have been carrying out their creative pursuits away from the arc light of art scenes in cities like Delhi. Though other artists are staying in Delhi, their connection to their roots are still intact. None of the participating artists in this group show has any connection with commercial art galleries or attend page three parties thrown by artists to entice buyers with deep pockets. With their down-to-earth lifestyle, all these artists are creatively unique.

And enfin, we assure you that with the help of Marsi Art & Culture, we would keep providing support to those artists whose creativity needs to be projected before the wider audience.

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